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Vending Machine

Vending Machine

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A lucky drop from the Vending Machine will reveal a crystal and you will get the prize that corresponds with it as follows .....

Red Mookite - 1 Grab Bag

Yellow Mookite - 3 Coins, 1 Lucky Drawer, 1Bomb Steamer or Melts Pick

Amethyst - 1 Bolos Box, 2 Drinko

Prehnite - 1 Quick Fling, 1 Lucky Drawer, 1 Tum-Ball

Sakura Blossom - 1 Poop, 1 Jewelry Drawer, 2 Lucky Drawers

Snowflake Obsidian - 1 Bolos Box, 2 Coins

Sorry you dont get to keep the sphere from the Vending Machine