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Ultimate Edi Roll

Ultimate Edi Roll

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The Ultimate Edi Roll game is for the Edi lover that is willing to take a risk

I will roll the Dice for you - the number shown on the dice is the total of Edi reveals you will get (from 1-6). Depending on how many Edi’s you win, I will make up the difference to 6 in Oysters / Pops. So you will always get your moneys worth. 

But wait theres more - after the first roll you can decide to take that number of Edi’s or roll again! Will you risk it to get a higher number of Edi’s? You can choose to re-roll twice (maximum of 3 rolls per game). Remember once you decide to re-roll theres no going back to the previous roll. 

The minimum prize value in this game is $105 being 1 Edi $30 & 5 Oysters $75. The top prize is 6 Edi’s with a value of $180! And then theres the different combinations in between. 

Remember Pretty pearls Edi Reveals are done differently and you can win twins & bonus prizes inside our reveals which could up your prize even more!